Construction: front side – knitted stockinette structure, reverse side – microfiber velour,
Weight: 150 GSM,
Width: 150 cm,
Composition: 100% polyester,
Colour: white for sublimation printing or any customized colour according to selected pantone,
Packaging: rolls 20-25 kg or catron boxes for towels,
MOQ: from 1000 kg/3000 m, 100 kg per colour.



Plush is a material that is ensures high water absorption and fast drying. Having velour piles on the front side and plain knitted structure on the other, it can be used for blankets, bathrobe cuff or as a main material for baby toys or cot bumpers.
Warp-knitted Plush is made with microfiber yarns. It has a stable structure, resistance to rupture and deformation, ensures long life of ready textile garments.

Knitted with high quality fine microfiber yarns Plush fabric is suitable for wide range of textile products: hotel slippers, wraps, blankets.
Plain side as stockinette structure is perfect for sublimation printing.
Fabric is very light, soft, hypoallergenic and suitable for very sensitive skin.

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