Часто Задаваемые Вопросы

Условия Сотрудничества


1. Какова минимальная партия для поставки напрямую с фабрики?

Мы рады предложить кастомизированное производство тканей и готовой продукции в небольших количествах напрямую с фабрики:
Махровые ткани с однотонным окрашиваением – от 300 кг, минимум от 100 кг на цвет.
Ткани для печати – от 200 кг.
Ткани с цифровой печатью – от 200 кг, 50 кг/дизайн,
Ткани для полотенец – от 500 кг/размер,
Полотенца с печатью – в зависимости от размеров, от 300 шт,
Халаты и пончо – от 300 шт, 100 шт/модель, цвет и размер.
Чтобы получить более точную информацию, отправьте нам сообщение на адрес export@mayerorme.com с указанием типа ткани, плотности, цвета, моделей готовых изделий, размеров и других требуемых характеристик. Наш менеджер предоставит подробную информацию о возможностях изготовления необходимого количества продукции.

2. Как купить ткани напрямую с фабрики?

Наша фабрика производить ткани под заказ, необходимой заказчику плотности, ширины и цвета.

Шаг 1. Отправьте сообщение на адрес export@mayerorme.com, указав интересующий тип ткани, количество, цвет, плотность, ширину, наличие печати и другие необходимые параметры.

Step 2. Our sales team will provide you with information about prices, MOQ and production lead time.

Step 3. After we agree on order details and delivery terms we send you Proforma Invoice.

Step 4. You send us deposit payment which is equal to your order confirmation.

Step 5. We start fabric manufacturing.

Step 6. When fabrics are ready we provide you final revised Proforma Invoice with exact quantity of goods to be loaded.

Step 7. After payments are received, we load the goods with the logistic company you select.

Step 8. We keep tracking of the delivery till the moment you receive the fabrics.

3. How can I get price list?

We are crafting customized fabrics, and we think it is more effective to provide prices per detailed customer’s request. Otherwise, the standard price might be different from those we offer, considering exact product requirements and conditions of delivery.

Our sales team will gladly assist you for the price quotation. You may contact us  by writing to chat or sending message to export@mayerorme.com.


4. Как заказать образцы тканей? Как долго ждать доставку образцов?

Заказать образцы тканей очень просто! Напишите нам по адресу export@mayerorme.com, где укажите ваш полный адрес, контактные данные и типы тканей, которые хотели бы получить.
Мы высылаем бесплатные образцы, вы оплачиваете только стоимость транспортировки. Мы отправляем пакет с образцами с помощью карго компаний или международных курьерских служб, таких как DHL или TNT.
Оплата транспортных услуг возможна через оформление доставки на счет Вашей компании или через сервисы Yandex Деньги, Western Union, PayPal, а также с помощью банковского перевода.
Стоимость и продолжительность доставки зависит от веса и объема посылки, адреса получателя.
Срок доставки образцов – от 2х до 10 дней.

5. Which types logo services you provide ?

There are few alternatives to customize your textile:

We can apply any printing with digital sublimation or make embroidery according to your logo design.


Продукты и Услуги

1. What certificates or test reports do you have?

  1. All our fabrics are certified with OEKO-TEX 100, 1st class meaning that our fabrics are suitable for babies 0+. We are ready to provide certificate by request,
  2. Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) 2.0 per yarns used in fabric knitting,
  3. Azo-free test report,
  4. Any other certificate or test reports could be obtained per customer request.

2. Can you print different patterns on the fabric?

Yes, of cause!

We manufacture the fabrics for digital rotary or sublimation printing. Having our own printing capacity, we offer any type of customization for printing on terry fabrics. Both options are possible – we can print the image you provide us or we can create the new one considering your concept and style.

3. What file format do you accept for digital printing?

1. File should be set up-up at 100% of output size
2. A minimum 0,6 cm bleed is required, however 1,5 cm is preferred
3. Do not use crop marks when indicating cuts for final product
size. Include a full, neutral color (white or black) dieline with
all relevant hash marks for sewing and finishing. The Dieline
should sit 0,5 cm outside of final product size as this accounts
for trimming and stitching the edge. We ask for a full/solid
dieline around the finished product due to variable shrinkage
in the fabric.
4. All blacks should be built at: C30, M30, Y30, K100
5. Pantone colors must be Pantone Solid Coated spot colors
for matching
6. 150-300 DPI at final output size is optimal. For larger files,
please contact your account representative for exact specifications

1. All files should be either in ‘.tif’ or ‘.pdf’ format
2. All photo based images must be CMYK
3. Flattened files are preferred for non-color critical prints

Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Acrobat

4. What types of customization you can make?

We offer dyeing fabrics in any color, reactive or special Indanthrene for heavy washing regimes like hotels use. Besides, we make printing on fabrics, embossing, jacquard pattern knitting and embroidery.

5. Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide in cooperation with logistic companies who may deliver to any country our customer wants. Having information about delivery address, volume and weight of the products, we collect offers from few sources to select the most effective for our customer in terms of cost, speed and level of service.

6. Can you make towels or bathrobes with our brand name?

Yes, we can!

We are not only the fabric manufacturer, but also we can design and craft any model of home/hotel/beach textile product per customized parameters: size, type of fabric, color, accessories, labels, packaging..

Please ask our sales team for more details and quotation based on your product description.

7. What is the delivery time?

Having information about delivery address, volume and weight of the products, we collect offers from few logistic companies-our partners, to select the most effective solution for our customer in terms of cost, speed and level of service.

Delivery time is defined by logistic company. We track the delivery till the address of destination.

8. How many meters of fabric is 1 kg or in 1 roll?

In order to find out the number of running meters in 1 kg of fabric, you need to divide weight by density (GSM) and width.

For example, the fabric density is 300 gr/sq. m. (GSM), the width is 160 cm.

1 kg/ (fabric density/1000) / (width/100) = 1/ (330/100)/(160/100) = 2,08 running meters in 1 kg, meaning that there are 52 meters in 25 kg roll.

The length of the fabric in roll can vary from 20 to 30 kg, depending on the customer’s packaging requirements and wrapping style.

9. What are the length, weight and dimensions of the roll?

The length of the fabric in the roll can vary from 20 to 30 kg, depending on the customer’s packaging requirements and wrapping density.

Dimensions of the roll, on average, 35x35x160 cm.

Weight of the rolls: 25-30 kg or customized.

10. Can you make different GSM or width of fabrics?

Yes, we can arrange the knitting and finishing processes to make various GSM and width of fabric. Please note 5% tolerance in terms of matching the ordered parameters.

11. What is your quality guarantee?

We do understand the importance of high quality and never try to gain a moment by loosing trust of our customers. Our aim is to keep the level of quality that we can be proud of.

Before delivery, we make quality control of every meter of fabric. Report could be provided per your request.

12. How long does it take to produce fabric or ready textile?

The production lead time depends on the specific type of product.

Standard types of fabric – from 2 to 4 weeks.

Fabrics of individual design and composition – from 5 to 7 weeks.

Ready-made bathrobes, towels or ponchos – from 5 to 7 weeks.